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Tencent and Logitech announce a portable console dedicated to cloud gaming

Here is an unexpected announcement! We learn this week that Logitech and Tencent are teaming up to create a portable console (or some kind of computer) designed solely for gaming via the Cloud.

August 06, 2022 19:42 Tencent and Logitech announce a portable console dedicated to cloud gaming

An astonishing offer for a machine of which we still know almost nothing!

Prestigious partners

Cloud gaming is starting to occupy more and more space in the video game industry. Xbox is a true leader in this area, but other brands are trying to find a place. PlayStation, Shadow, Google or NVIDIA are among the countless challengers on the market. Thus, it is not necessarily surprising to see a few initiatives flourish in order to highlight this "new" way of playing.

Precisely, Logitech G and Tencent have decided to move up a gear. In a press release, the two firms formalized their partnership. This will give birth to a portable console exclusively focused on Cloud gaming. We already know that services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now will be accessible from the machine. Microsoft and NVIDIA also lend a hand on the hardware part.

Still many (too) many unknowns

But apart from the praise exchanged between the partners working together on the project, the press release is rather sparse in precise information. At this time, we don't know the name of the console, its price, or even its release date. We just know that the launch will take place sometime this year 2022.

For now, a simple site has been put online to be able to subscribe to the newsletter. It's pretty meager… However, additional details should reach us in the coming weeks. The wait will probably not be too long.

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