12 (Mostly True) Reasons Why Dogs Make The Best Pets


If you’re considering getting a dog, it’s important to understand why dogs make the best pets. Dogs are loyal companions that love you unconditionally and never take you for granted. They’re always down for a walk and will greet you with their adorable puppy dog eyes, wagging tail every single time they see you enter through the front door! In this post we’ll go over 12 reasons why dogs make the best pets:

They will love you unconditionally.

You will never have to worry about whether a dog is going to love you. All dogs are loyal and will love you no matter what, even if you mistreat them or don’t pay attention to them. Dogs don’t judge humans by their behavior, they just want to be there for us when we need them the most—and that’s what makes them so special!

If your dog ever does anything wrong, it’s up to YOU as the owner of this animal how much punishment should be given out. If there were an absolute way for me (or anyone) in my position as a pet owner could guarantee 100% success every time when dealing with any issue related specifically with pets then maybe this article wouldn’t exist…but unfortunately not everyone has access too technology like GPS tracking devices which would allow us go back into time whenever needed!

They are always down for a walk, even if the weather is bad.

Dogs are always ready to go for a walk, even if the weather is bad. They love to get out of the house and explore the world around them, so they’ll happily sit in their carriers on your front porch until you open up the door for them.

Dogs are also happy to do this as long as it’s not too cold or hot outside—they don’t mind whether it’s raining or snowing! And if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where winter lasts only four months out of 12 (like Vermont), then that means that summer lasts all year round. So if there’s an option between taking your dog outside when it’s freezing cold or baking hot outside, choose neither!

They will greet you with their adorable puppy dog eyes, and their tail wagging, every single time you walk in through the front door.

Dogs are excited to see you. They will wag their tails and look at you with puppy dog eyes, just like when they were puppies themselves. This means that your dog has been waiting for years for the day when he could greet his owner again! You can tell how much he loves being reunited with his best friend because he jumps up on the sofa or chair and starts licking your face while jumping up and down in joy.

Dogs love to cuddle.

Dogs are great because they love to cuddle. You can curl up with your dog in bed, and he or she will keep you warm and help you fall asleep. If you’re not feeling well and want something to hold on to, a dog is the perfect companion—they’ll stay right by your side until all is right with the world again!

Dogs also make great companions for those who don’t like being alone (like me). In fact, some studies show that having a pet can help people cope with depression or anxiety disorders by keeping them busy and focused on something other than their worries. And if getting out of bed every morning isn’t enough motivation for anyone these days…well then there’s always having an animal around who needs help getting up!

Dogs keep you active.

Dogs are great exercise companions. In a world where many people spend more time at home than out, it’s important to get some exercise every day. But if you have a dog, you might not feel like going on walks or taking part in other activities because your furry friend will want to stick around and give you attention. However, dogs are also very good at keeping their owners active by helping them stay fit and healthy—and they can do so without much effort on their part!

Your dog will never be too busy to hang out with you.

You’re going to love your dog because they are always ready to hang out with you. When you get home from work, your dog will be excited to see you and ready to play with you. This is because dogs have a special connection with humans, so they enjoy spending time with their owners even when it isn’t necessarily required.

Dogs also tend not be as busy as other pets, which means that there will never be a shortage of someone around who wants some attention! If there aren’t many other people around (or if those people aren’t interested in playing), then your pet can spend some quality time playing together.

Dogs help you meet new people. They’re basically your wing man (or wing woman).

Dogs are friendly and approachable, which makes them great ice-breakers. You can approach people in a very casual way when you have a dog with you. This is especially true if they’re well-trained and used to being around people.

Dogs also make it easy for us humans to make new friends, especially if we live in an area where there aren’t many other dogs nearby. If your dog doesn’t get along well with other dogs, then he may not be able to meet new ones while he’s out walking!

You will feel more secure knowing your dog is there to protect you.

You know that your dog is there to protect you and keep you safe, but have you ever thought about the fact that dogs are great guard dogs?

Dogs are trained from a young age to sense danger and protect their owners. They may bark at any time of day or night if they feel unsafe in their environment.

You can train your dog to attack intruders by using an electronic fence or other method of training. The best part about this type of training is that once your pooch learns how to detect intruders, it will never forget!

Dogs are always excited to see you when you get home and they’ll never take you for granted.

They’re always excited to see you, even if it’s just a quick visit after work. They may even get up on their hind legs and start jumping around like they’re trying to get your attention!

They don’t care who else is there, either—dogs love the company of other people as much as they enjoy being around their favorite human companion (or two).

Dogs are great pets!

  • They’re loyal. Dogs will always be there for you, no matter what kind of mood you’re in or what kind of day you’ve had. If it’s raining outside, your dog will come running when he hears that thunderstorm coming from the sky—even if it means getting wet and soaking his paws at the same time.
  • They’re loving. No matter how old or young your dog is (or whether she’s an adult or a puppy), she’ll always love you unconditionally; she won’t judge who you are or what your past entails because all that matters to her is being with someone who loves her unconditionally too.*
  • They’re fun! Whether playing fetch with sticks outside or cuddling up on your lap after dinner time spent together as family members sharing memories from childhood days gone bye-bye … dogs have plenty of ways for us humans who live in apartments all day long looking forward too each evening when we can get home before dark falls so we can spend some quality time together enjoying life just like any regular married couple would do (minus having kids)…


We hope this article has helped you to choose a dog as your next pet. There are many wonderful dogs out there and it is important to choose one that is right for you. You should also think about what kind of lifestyle you want with your new best friend, because some dogs may not be the best choice if they don’t like being alone too much or if they have issues with loud noises or large open spaces.

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