How To Tell If Your Dog or Cat Is Happy


My little guy is happy when he sees me come home from work. He comes running up to greet me, licks my face and jumps all over me. He knows that all good things must come to an end, though, so he does get tired after a few minutes of playtime with his favorite human! But despite his age (and size), he still likes to go outside at least once every day for some exercise and fresh air—even if it’s just chasing leaves around in his yard or riding around on the back of our bikes together (which is also fun).

They greet you each time you come home.

You can tell if your pet is happy to see you when you come home by looking at the way they greet you. If it’s a dog or cat, and he or she starts wagging his tail or jumping up on you as soon as he sees that door open, then there’s no doubt in my mind that this animal is happy to see his owner.

However, not all pets are so socialized as these two species (or even humans). Some animals may have been raised alone and do not get along well with other beings—in particular if they have been abused as children by humans who should have respected their freedom instead of mistreating them every day. Others may be shy when meeting new people for the first time; therefore it would take some time before they become comfortable enough with someone else approaching them without being threatened by an unfamiliar presence nearby! However when we consider these facts together then perhaps this could explain why sometimes some animals may seem less friendly towards each other than others might expect….

They have a healthy appetite.

If you’re worried about your pet’s appetite, consult with a veterinarian. A healthy appetite is a sign that they are comfortable and happy.

As long as your dog or cat has a good appetite for food, it is likely that they are physically well-adjusted to their environment—and thus happy!

They play and explore in their environment.

Play is a key part of a cat’s or dog’s life. It’s important to play because it helps them release energy and can be a form of exercise for them. If your pet isn’t playing, it could be a sign that something is wrong with their mental health such as depression or anxiety.

They enjoy your attention.

If your furry friend is happy, they’ll enjoy your attention. This includes petting and cuddling them, playing with them, or just simply talking to the cat or dog. If you’re an animal lover who enjoys spending time with your pets, then this can be a great indicator that your furry friend is happy too!

If you want to know if your dog/cat is happy then check out our article “How To Tell If Your Dog Or Cat Is Happy”

They seem to relax easily.

A happy dog will often be relaxed in his or her body, with a loose-limbed stance and a relaxed posture. You can tell this by looking at the dog’s face and tail. The tail should be held high, but not stiffly arched; it should also have a slight curve in it. The eyes are usually half-open, with pupils that are slightly dilated (they may seem to be wide open). If your pet has been playing hard and has been running around for long periods of time, he or she might look tired: their eyes will likely be sunken into their heads; their gums may show some signs of drying saliva; and they’ll likely pant slightly from exertion as well as excitement over playing with other dogs or people!

A wagging tail or purring.

  • Dogs wag their tails when they are happy.
  • Cats purr when they are happy.

If your cat is not purring, it may still be possible that they are happy! If your dog is not wagging their tail (or at least moving it around), then it is also possible that they are happy! You can tell if your pet is feeling good by looking at its body language: if you see signs of happiness like a wagging tail or purring, then congratulations – you’ve found out something important about them!

Dogs and cats show their happiness in many ways

Dogs and cats are different, but they have some things in common. Some of these ways to tell if your pet is happy include:

  • Dogs wag their tails. Cats purr.
  • Your dog sits at your feet when you’re home, or when you’re walking him/her around the neighborhood (or just after putting on a new pair of shoes). If this doesn’t happen, there could be something wrong with how happy he/she is!
  • Other signs include yawning and licking themselves (or other parts of their body).


If you notice all these things, then your pet is probably happy. If not, take a closer look at what they’re doing and see if they have any other signs of being unhappy or stressed out.

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