Instant vs. Brewed Coffee

Everything You Need to Know About Instant vs. Brewed Coffee


If you’ve ever wondered why people talk about “instant” and “brewed” coffee, this guide will help clear up the confusion. Instant and brewed coffee are two very different things, but they’re both delicious. The best part? You can find high-quality brewed coffees that are more convenient than brewing your own, while still allowing you to enjoy those same rich flavors you love from a good cup of brews. So what’s all the hubbub about? Let’s take a look…

Brewed coffee is made by putting ground coffee beans into a filter and pouring hot water over the grounds. The water is then absorbed by the grounds and drips through the filter into a pot.

Brewed coffee is made by pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. The water is absorbed by the grounds and drips through a filter into a pot. The grounds are then discarded and ready to be brewed again, making this method of brewing better for your wallet (you’re only paying for one cup) than instant because you don’t have to waste any time waiting for water to boil or clean up after brewing.

Instant coffee is made from brewed coffee that has been spray-dried or freeze-dried to remove all the water.

You might be surprised to learn that instant coffee is made from brewed coffee that has been spray-dried or freeze-dried to remove all the water.

Spray drying is a process that uses hot air to dry the coffee. The end result is instant coffee. Freeze drying, on the other hand, uses cold air instead of hot air and does not require any additional processing steps after it’s dried out—the end result is also instant coffee!

Instant coffee tastes much better than regular brewed coffee because it contains less natural caffeine than brewed methods do (about 1/3rd less). The reason why this happens has something do with how much time passes between when you first place your order at your local cafe and when you receive your cup back home; during those seconds between ordering and receiving your drink there’s no pressure on either side so both sides can relax into their respective roles without feeling rushed about making sure everything goes smoothly before anything else happens next!

Brewed coffee contains more caffeine than instant coffee.

Caffeine content depends on the type of coffee and how it is prepared.

Brewed coffee contains more caffeine than instant coffee because brewed coffee beans contain a higher concentration of caffeine than those in an instant variety. The taste of brewed coffee may also be different from that of an instant variety.

Brewed coffee is acidic, whereas instant coffee is not.

The difference between brewed coffee and instant is the amount of acidity. Brewed coffee is acidic, while instant is not.

Acidity in water can be measured by using a pH meter or titration test kit (which measures hydrogen ion concentration). The lower the pH level, the more acidic it is; a high number means there’s too much acidity in your drinking water—and that could lead to health problems like stomach upset and urinary tract infections!

The best way to make a good cup of instant coffee is to use 2 teaspoons of instant granules for every 6 ounces of hot water.

To make a good cup of instant coffee, you’ll need to use 2 teaspoons of instant granules for every 6 ounces of hot water. A good quality instant coffee will produce a rich, full-bodied cup that doesn’t require much additional sweetening or milk adjustments. If you’re drinking your coffee plain black, go with one teaspoon per 6 ounces; if you want to add milk or sugar, add according to taste.

Make sure that your coffee maker is clean — and I don’t mean just wiping it down with vinegar! Pay attention to any residue left behind by previous pots and make sure there aren’t any bits stuck in the filter basket or underneath where it sits on top of anything else before making another pot of joe (or leaving yourself open for an unfortunate accident). You should also consider buying new filters from time to time because they tend not last very long when not cleaned properly after each use (and even if they do).

Brewed coffee generally tastes better than instant, but you can find high-quality instant coffees that taste good and are more convenient than brewing your own.

The first thing you need to know about brewed coffee is that it’s generally better than instant. Many people prefer the taste of freshly brewed coffee, which makes sense given how much time and effort goes into making it. Instant coffee can also be convenient for times when you don’t want to wait for your morning brew—you just add some hot water and stir!

However, there are high-quality instant coffees out there that taste great (and are even more convenient). If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a cup of joe on-the-go without having to take time from your busy schedule, then look no further than these options:

Both types of coffee taste great!

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, brewed coffee is your friend. It’s healthier and less expensive than instant, but it takes longer to brew and can be harder to make in a traditional pot or drip machine. If you don’t mind waiting around for hours (or even overnight), then go ahead and use that fancy French press!

Instant coffee is perfect for when you need some caffeine NOW (and it tastes just as good). And if you want something fast but still fresh, don’t worry about brewing time: just add water right into an airtight container before putting it in the microwave or stovetop burner—you’ll get all the flavor without any chemical additives!


You can’t go wrong with either instant or brewed coffee, but they both have their own pros and cons. If you’re looking to save time, go with the instant option; if you’re looking for something that tastes better, then try brewing your own! Either way, we hope this article has helped clear up any lingering questions about when it is better (or worse!) to choose one type over another.

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